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An open studio with Zsuzsanna Pataki – see how a painting comes alive


  • Art & Property Professional Networking Event for Art, Design, and Property Lovers Meet the artist—see how a painting comes alive!
  • A friendly open studio event hosted by OMNIDE Architects and Gallery, with impressionistic artist Zsuzsanna Pataki: Complete with Live Painting Demo

If you like ‘After Impressionism’ at the National Gallery, then you might enjoy this modern interpretation of the English Landscape in expressive colours!

Zsuzsanna Pataki is a London-based artist who works in a range of abstraction, from easily recognisable through to artworks that require some creative pondering from the viewer. She is best known for her expressive use of colours—recalling the atmosphere and mood of her subject.

Our open studio event aims to showcase the creating process of Zsuzsanna’s art explorations, her understandings on the after impressionism paintings, and her designing concept for her current exhibition ‘Landscapes – Mindscapes’. Landscapes -Mindscapes is a collection of large semi abstracts inspired by the larger-than-life beauty of England, both wild and cultivated, storm-ridden and peaceful, watery places and landlocked heights. Mindscapes is a reference to the artistic process: the abstract colour choice is aimed at recalling the experience of a certain place instead of tediously copying it, while the fuzzy and missing elements—painstakenly deleted to allow the viewer to add their own interpretation—are reminiscent of the beloved, revolutionary practices of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.

Zsuzsanna accepts commissions to create bespoke art—within her stylistic range—of a favoured subject. She works from her own plein air studies (if the subject is available and accessible) and also from a range of photographs. Never copying, always inspired. Get in touch to discuss your dream artwork project!

Join us to experience a unique night made of Art and creative minds.

Canapes and drinks will be served during the event.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite or send an email to: admin@omnide.com.

at Omnide++ on Saturday 15th July -12:00pm – 4:00pm



Zsuzsanna Pataki

Instagram: zsuzsannapataki_art

VR tour of our current exhibition ‘Landscapes – Mindscapes

Our current exhibition ‘Landscapes – Mindscapes’ on until the 23rd August 2023