LFA- Portraits Of Architecture: Reimagine Art & Community in Belsize Village

  • Open city events and new public realms in the communities have become a popular theme in London’s urban design and architectural design.

    LFA is giving the opportunity to reimagining how art can bring the community together with a new social experiment where our art gallery exhibition will be spread through Belsize Village’s varies premises for 3 weeks in June. Neighbours and visitors will be able to visit the art exhibition by Michael Wallner not only in our gallery at Omnide, but also through several business in the Village that are part of the Belsize business association.

    We are hoping to enhance Camden’s social engaging practice and social identity through 2 events since Belsize Village has an artistic and active community with multiply business related to interior design, architecture, art gallery.

    A guidance map will be provided to ‘navigate’ the village to find the artworks and meet the people that are partnering in this event.

    -Join us in the month of June to experience what promises to be memorable for the public and the art community.

    • Opening event: Meet the artist! And hear from local Belsize village business members. Thursday, June 13th, 6pm to 9pm.
    • Open day event: Learn and use the art and architecture resource of Belsize Village area – and see Belsize Village square activated to enhance the community culture and public realm! Saturday 29th June, 10am. to 2pm.


    -Cocurator: Cecilia Santamarina

    CommunityBelsize Village Business Association

    -Know more about the artist:

    Michael Wallner

    The list of the participated business from Belsize Village:
    1. Admiral Property Partnership

    2. Aperivino

    3. Body Matters Clinic

    4. Bourne’s Fishmongers-Belsize Village

    5. Caldesi in Belsize

    6. Cinder

    7. Crescent Fruiterers London

    8. Fine Art Gallery and Consultancy
    9. Heywoods

    10. Oliver’s Village Café
    11. OmniDe Architects

    12. Xin Xin
    13. XUL Architecture

Our previous exhibition~

An Exclusive Property Networking Event with introstars, Stronghold Security Doors, and BBD96


Prop & Vine: an Exclusive Property Networking Event with Wine

🥳 Join us for an exceptional networking event to meet property professionals around a few glasses of wine at OmniDe on next Thursday evening.

Thursday, 6th June
6:30pm -10pm
96 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BE

🍷 This is a premier wine tasting event for pros who want to connect with other property experts.
This event is powered by:
🌟 introstars , the next-gen platform to make and receive high-value introductions to property owners, buyers and developers. All attendees can get featured on introstars.com for 3 months so you can start receiving your ideal introductions!

🚪 Stronghold Security Doors , the market leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke high-end residential security doors; during the event, you’ll get a stunning inside-out view of how these doors are made.

🏠 BBD96, part of OmniDe Architectural Studio, a leading Design Consultancy and Building Procurement agency for property professionals who have an interior design project.

Borgo delle Rose have been producing exceptional wine thanks to their prime location, skilled oenologists, and expert winemakers. The perfect microclimate, influenced by the nearby Adriatic Sea, also contributes to their quality. Their collections of Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Prosecco Rose, and Ribolla Gialla result from meticulous vineyard selection and careful production.

Book your ticket on Luma or send an email to: admin@omnide.com.

at Omnide++ on Thursday 6th June -6:30pm – 10:00pm




Stronghold Security Doors

Maureen Grayson – “OPEN STUDIO EVENING”

  • Maureen Grayson

    presents an “Open Studio Evening”

    Maureen Grayson is a locally-based abstract artist working primarily in mixed media.

    The main concept of her work is an exploration through dreams and the subconscious. Her style is loose and intuitive, strikingly dramatic and powerful, which she creates by building up numerous layers of acrylics, collage, and mark-making on the substrate.

    Having completed the Creative Visionary Programme (CVP) in 2021, she realised both her art and life were about to embark on an incredible journey of rebirth and discovery.

    Maureen’s idea of presenting an Open Studio Event at OmniDe was born out of the fact her home studio was too small and inaccessible. To that end, she is bringing her ‘studio’ to the gallery for an evening which promises to be both unique and entertaining.

    Many of her current paintings will be on exhibition, plus there will be an opportunity to browse through her smaller works on paper and a selection of other art projects including her handmade sketchbooks which she will be happy to discuss during the evening.

    There will be paintings here to suit every budget and space, whether it be home or work.


    Join us to experience what promises to be memorable night made of Art and Creativity.

    Canapes and drinks will be served during the event.

    Thursday, 26th October, 6:00pm – 9:00pm


  • Instagram: Maureen Grayson



    Maureen Grayson


Our past events


  • presents “LIFE IN BLOOM”
  • Considering the last 3 years we all have endured , ‘Life in Bloom’ is about catharsism. Through immersion in plant life we’re able to reenergise and get back in some form what is invaluable. Reset .

Welcome to Bruce Chidovori’s abstract interpretation botanical gardens.

Bruce Chidovori’s art creating principle:

When Bruce creates, he doesn’t think, he thinks before and post creating paintings, while he works he doesn’t think but creating.

There is a transformation when he creates, most artists have rituals when creating, but his ritual is music. He assembles his creative space and begin creating. Bruce Chidovori gets the sense that his life is part of the universe, he must paint, it is quite similar to breathing, no art no life.

Artist Bruce Chidovori lives and works in London, England. He creates paintings and mixed media artworks for both private and commercial collections. By rejecting objective truth and global cultural narratives, he creates daily, recognisable elements in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of their perception allowing one to reconsider their biased position.

Bruce Chidovori’s paintings are often about contact with life, and surroundings socially and geographically touching on social and non-social elements. Space, landscape, cohesion or absences, are examined in less obvious tones and sometimes developed in absurd ways. In search of new methods to build dialogue, he focuses on the notion of public space and more specifically on spaces where anyone can do anything at any given moment.

Bruce Chidovori’s work urges one to renegotiate painting as being part of a reactive or, at times autistic medium, commenting directly on oppressing themes and perspectives in our contemporary society. By applying abstract, Bruce creates intense personal moments masterfully created employing rules and omissions, acceptance and equal refusal.

Bruce’s paintings are not about drawing reference to recognisable forms. The results are deconstructions of emotion and extensions to oneself to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

Join us to experience a unique night made of Art and creative mind.

Canapes and drinks will be served during the event.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite or send an email to: admin@omnide.com.

at Omnide++ on Thursday 14th September 6:00pm – 9:00pm




Instagram: brucechidovoriart

Exhibition on until the 8th November 2023

Our past events

One day exclusive event: A Live Painting Art Event with MENDEL SAMAYOA


  • Art and Property Professional Networking Event for Art, Design, and Property Lovers Meet the artist and collaborate in his creative process.
  • A friendly open art happening hosted by OMNIDE++ Architects and Gallery, with expressionist artist Mendel Samayoa from Guatemala. Complete Art Creation witnessed by the publicA friendly open art happening hosted by OMNIDE++ Architects and Gallery, with expressionist artist Mendel Samayoa from Guatemala.

The “no plan” approach that Mendel Samayoa takes to his amazing live painting performances provides the opportunity to witness how shapes, colour and composition evolve, shift and merge on his canvas packed with texture and colour.

Samayoa’s background as a film director nurtures his art, often creating narratives with open ending to allow our imagination to partake and be stimulated. He specializes in oil on canvas adding touches of texture and mixed media to some of his pieces.

Having captivated collectors and institutions internationally, his art has been shown in important events like Buenos Aires International Contemporary Art Biennale, Havana Art Biennale, Latin Art Festival in San Diego, California, The Other Art Fair in London as well as several solo exhibits in his home country; Guatemala. This one-day-only event is part of his international tour 2023 coming to London to show a few of his mid sized pieces and to create one more right in front of the public. Mendel is also going to create a special commissioned piece during his visit for a collector of his work. Meet the artist to imagine and discuss any commissioned work you might think of.

The Art Happening is curated by London based Cecilia Santamarina a local neighbour Art and Design Curator who also for the first time will activate our beloved area and hosted by OmniDe++

Latin America inspired canapes and drinks will be offered during the event.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite or send an email to: admin@omnide.com

At Omnide++ on Saturday 15th July 5pm-8pm




Instagram: elmendel