Belsize Open Village

Belsize Open Village

Wednesday 19th June 2019, 9am – 9pm

We would like to invite you to the “Belsize Open Village”, an all-day event that includes the participation of most of the Belsize Village shops, galleries and offices in order to give the neighbours an insight of Belsize Village and know more about the opportunities they have in the area.

It is a collaborative event, where you will be able to access for the first time the spaces behind closed doors, interact with owners and appreciating the amenities provided in your area.

Omnide is taking part of the open day: Our open approach towards constructive and multidisciplinary collaboration with builders, consultant, artists, enables the success of the projects we work on.

As an architectural practice we will have different experiences for the visitors throughout the day: floral installation, art masterpieces, virtual reality and video projections along with holograms.

We look forward to seeing you!