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Bespoke Furniture Meets Bespoke Street Art – GRUPPOEMMEBI

“Bespoke Furniture Meets Bespoke Street Art” – GRIPPOEMMEBI event at Omnide ++

About this event

GRUPPOEMMEBI is delighted to invite you to our event in London:” BESPOKE FURNITURE MEETS BESPOKE STREET ART”

This is an event where the art of bespoke furniture design will intertwine with the art of spray paintings.

GRUPPOEMMEBI is an Italian high-end manufacturer that has just opened its branch in London and desires to familiarize people with the parallel between bespoke furniture and art.

GRUPPOEMMEBI has the pleasure to present two of the most important spray artist in Italy, ENK04, and BASIK.

ENKO4 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna with 110 cum laude. In 1994 he discovered the art of writing and spray paintings.He has taken part in a few of the most important worldwide exhibitions and events: Meeting off style, Streetfever, HandMade, WorldSprayConvention, SomkingMind, RipArte, ArtShow, and PAM Festival. Few specialist magazines start talking about him during the same period and published his artworks around Europe: Juice (IT), Graphotism (GB), Bomber (ND), Indole (IT), XplicitGrafx (FR), Stylefile (DE), Wanted, (SP), GameOver (SP).He is working with a lot of brands such as Nike, Guess, and Levis.

BASIK has been active since 1991 as a graffiti writer and has developed his style by gradually switching from spray paint to a broader range of media over the years, mixing elements of his writer’s background with influences from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art onward, as well as from modern and contemporary art movements.His late figurative works focus mainly on gestures as language and symbols, inspired by distinctive traits in popular culture and antique religious imagery.

Join us to experience a unique night made of Art and creative minds

Food and beverage will be served during the event.

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The exhibition is on Thursday 22nd of September from 6pm onwards.