Laura Rael-Brook

Laura Rael-Brook

Thursday 30th May 2019, 6pm – 9pm

Laura Rael-Brook is a local English Artist who will be showcasing her first solo exhibition at OmniDe++ with paintings and sculptures collected through years of intense artistic production.

Painter and sculptor, Laura believes in the unbreakable connection between beauty and trauma and in the experiences that are layered in the depths of our soul, without deleting the beauty around us.

Laura creates with her soul and a distinctive self-consciousness that goes straight to the heart.

Laurent Anastay Ponsolle First Solo UK Exhibitions

Thursday was a special night with good attendance where the public could enjoy painter and artist Laurent Anastay Ponsolle’s works in his Out of Darkness collection. He was able to bring up through his art, deep feelings, memories and emotions that are typically hidden in our soul.

Laurent Anastay Ponsolle – “Out Of Darkness”

An evening with
Laurent Anastay Ponsolle
“Out Of Darkness”

Thursday 4th April 2019, 6pm – 9pm

Laurent Anastay Ponsolle, French Fine Art artist is showing his artworks in his first UK exhibition at Omnide++.

His art is about picturing the moment, framing details of everyday life into paintings and drawings, tracking the history of bodies, intimate movements and physical memories.

“Out of Darkness” is about feelings and emotions deeply hidden in our mind.
Laurent’s work has been shown in many exhibitions, winning awards and live performances during his young and growing career.
Get ready to dive into a world of infinite embraces, dark frames and silent passion drawn on paper and canvas, with charcoal and oil painting.

“What my language hides, my body says it”
Fragments d’un discours amoureux, Roland Bathers