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Maureen Grayson – “OPEN STUDIO EVENING”

  • Maureen Grayson

    presents an “Open Studio Evening”

    Maureen Grayson is a locally-based abstract artist working primarily in mixed media.

    The main concept of her work is an exploration through dreams and the subconscious. Her style is loose and intuitive, strikingly dramatic and powerful, which she creates by building up numerous layers of acrylics, collage, and mark-making on the substrate.

    Having completed the Creative Visionary Programme (CVP) in 2021, she realised both her art and life were about to embark on an incredible journey of rebirth and discovery.

    Maureen’s idea of presenting an Open Studio Event at OmniDe was born out of the fact her home studio was too small and inaccessible. To that end, she is bringing her ‘studio’ to the gallery for an evening which promises to be both unique and entertaining.

    Many of her current paintings will be on exhibition, plus there will be an opportunity to browse through her smaller works on paper and a selection of other art projects including her handmade sketchbooks which she will be happy to discuss during the evening.

    There will be paintings here to suit every budget and space, whether it be home or work.


    Join us to experience what promises to be memorable night made of Art and Creativity.

    Canapes and drinks will be served during the event.

    Thursday, 26th October, 6:00pm – 9:00pm


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    Maureen Grayson


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