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Residencies (January 2019)

At OmniDe++ our permanent exhibition gathers different personalities along with their art and product design pieces. Heads, vases, Greek statues, lamps and contemporary paintings exist side by side:

Sonja Quarone is an artist specialised in decoration and in processing resin of statues. Her artistic career has started after graduating at the Brera Academy in Milan and developed thanks to her travels around the world. She loves the idea of mixing contemporary materials such as gypsum and resin with subjects that belong to roman-Greek heritage.

Damiano Quaranta is a roman based artist, born in 1988. He has already taken part of many collaborative and personal expositions. He is focused on the inherent expression of the soul, on the materiality of painted surfaces and on three – dimensionality of his works. As a result, each angle shaped becomes an opportunity to perceive the world under a different perspective. “Each work demands for a physic and mental labour, as well as tiredness, tiredness and tiredness again, at least for me”. (Damiano Quaranta)

Antonio Grieco is a sculptor, master and director of the ceramic laboratory C.E.R. (from 1983) in Rome. He graduated at the Art Academy starting his career as a theatre scenographer. During the Eighties he founded the opportunity to truly express himself discovering the secrets of ceramic. Grieco studies different techniques and cooking processes, developing his own procedures and translating this material into a contemporary artwork. In the last years he enumerates several personal and collective exhibitions across Europe.

Starting his remarkable career as a photographer during the Eighties, Alfonso Maria Isonzo is today an artist and a designer who conceives and creates unique interior design objects, exploring materials and techniques to keep the highest quality of its works. He is a painter of light – his formal coherence and the continuous investigation on materials as brass, marble, copper, steel and stone makes each of his creation an unique piece of elaborated craftsmanship. Isonzo collaborates actively with passion with architecture and design practices all around the world.

Massimo Luccioli, born in Tarquinia 1952, he graduated at the Academy of Art in Rome.
His research finds its roots in a deep concern. His art expresses an intimate reality crowded by symbolic elements, ruled by an elaborated mental scheme where cultural and moral issues are expressed through an existentialist work of contrast between darkness and light, chromate materials, pauses and breaths of life.