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The theme of ‘Bollywood Rhythm’ was chosen by the curators as a tribute to the cultural powerhouse of Bollywood which has for generations permeated the lives of millions and enriched their lives at multiple levels through the rich stories, full of music, drama, dance, and colour to convey the full spectrum of emotions. Typically Bollywood films are a roller coaster of experiences which has the power to indelibly imprint powerful emotions and beliefs on the hearts and minds of millions of people not only in India but worldwide.

20 artists primarily from across India and a few in the UK will reflect on the personal, social, and cultural meaning of Bollywood and particularly to highlight its positive features on Indian culture. ” We wanted the works to reflect the influences that films have had on the collective imagination, bringing colour, music, dance, drama, and images which communicate the full range of human emotions and ultimately and invariably are always uplifting and always embedded with hope and optimistic focus. At their core the narrative and characters seek to bring meaning and hope to the lives of many”.

The selected highly talented artists rose to the challenge to interpret the themes resonant and important to showcase their personal beliefs and sentiments. The world of Bollywood is expansive and inviting and the paintings produced reflect this. The artists spoke of how the process and collective thinking of the group had an uplifting impact on their understanding of the importance of Bollywood as a unique energetic signature that has successfully proliferated around the world.

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at Omnide++ on Thursday 24th November -6:00pm – 9:00pm




Exhibition on until the 1st February 2023

Markus Blattmann – “NOW”

Markus Blattmann  – “NOW”

25th September 2020 – 23rd October 2020


“Colour is radiant power, an energy that influences us in a positive or negative way, whether we are conscious of it or not. The effect of color should be experienced and understood not only visually, but psychologically and symbolically as well. (Johannes Itten) My paintings and prints activate many layers, both on the surface and far below. They are not representational in a narrow sense, create no defined images. Instead, they generate associations, revive memories and emotions, unfold ideas. What Paul Klee once said in a general sense about abstract art is especially valid here: Abstract art doesn’t represent that which is visible, it creates visibility”.

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Markus Blattmann

The exhibition is on from 25th of September till 23th of October

Maureen Grayson – “The Space Beyond”

Maureen Grayson – “The Space Beyond”

13th February 2020 – 11th March 2020


Maureen Grayson is a local artist with roots both in the performing and visual arts.

She has exhibited widely throughout the UK including shows with the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries and the Affordable Art Fair where she won the Sculpture Award in the Cass Art Prize.

The Space Beyond is a collection of works, loosely inspired by memories and landscapes. Exploring visions beyond the boundaries of earth and matter, the tactile use of fibers, sand, and sacking often creates the relief effect of sections torn from the volatile environment we inhabit.

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Maureen Grayson

Exhibition on until the 11th March 2020

Jo Scorah – “Journeys”


Jo Scorah – “Journeys”

28th November 2019 – 2nd January 2020

The notion of ‘Journeys’ engages us into a physical and emotional sense of space.

Paintings can vary between the purely abstract to the identification of form.

Sculptural installations emphasize the precarious suspension and tension that predominates today’s political climate.

The use of thread permeates through many of the works, and can fluctuate from wire to metal and silk.

Jo Scorah is a practicing visual artist based in NW England. She has an MA in Textiles & Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University, and exhibits her work widely through Museums and galleries. The focus of her work constitutes topics such as migration, displacement and shelter.

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Jo Scorah

Exhibition on until the 02 January 2020

Alberto Petrivelli – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

7th November 2019 – 27th November 2019
Alberto Petrivelli “Down the Rabbit Hole” exhibition conveys his perspective of reality and the world that surrounds him. His work enhances the importance of human individuality living in the mass that is subconsciously molded by the media, the socials networks and false ideologies that continue to lose their uniqueness and originality.

As a self-taught Italian artist, Alberto continued his creative journey in 2003 when he relocated to London.

His unique use of mixed media began in 2010 that became his mark through building on reconstructed canvas, use of iron, steel, synthetics, natural fabrics, resins, acrylic and oil paint. These materials are then shaped out of the canvas into sculptures.

With the success of his art works, he has exhibited in UK, Italy and Holland.

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FREE ENTRY |canapes and drinks offered


Alberto Petrivelli